Our Mission

The founder of Dana al lulu factory Mr. Abdullah Al-Wazan establish company in 2012. The basic concept of Dana al lulu factory was to provide quality and batter service to Kuwait marine industry. Dana al lulu factory main objective is providing service in boat, boat engines, accessories and fishing accessories. Dana al lulu factory is representing American boat accusation in Kuwait. Dana al lulu factory has a well know name in GCC and nationwide and we are also providing service in buying and selling boats in Kuwait.


Dana al lulu factory is taking your water sport actives seriously no compromise on quality and standard work. We believe customer satisfaction is our prime priority .Nothing is more important to us than our customers. Dana al lulu factory mission to create awareness of safety procedure at sea and arrange seminar how to deal with emergency situation.

Dana al lulu factory has a important role in contributing to the support and development of marine industry nationwide and GCC.

Our Vision

  • To make Dana al lulu factory  highly profitable and performance driven company.
  • Contribute significantly to the support and development of the Kuwait marine industry.
  • Maintain the quality service to nationwide and GCC.
  • Dana al lulu factory has a vision to make a regional leader in performance.
  • Values.
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Team work
  • Trust
  • Commitment to amercain boat assoation and GCC marine industry
  • Honesty,integrity and transpracy
  • Quailty & Excellence
  • Be a family
  • Corporate social responsibility(CSR)

Dana al lulu factory recognizes its role as a responsible corporate citizen of GCC. The cooperate upholds the highest standards of integrity and personal conduct in all matters that involve in Dana al lulu factory  and its peoples. All employee of Dana al lulu factory  will follow  the guidelines laid down in the code of conduct.

  • Respect for all
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Always company & customers first
  • Sharing knowledge & experience
  • Transparency
  • Be responsible

Our structure